Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An interview with Danny Mansmith

Q Do you listen to music in your space? if so do you have a favorite?

A it's important to me to built a feeling a mood in the studio when i'm working, i burn incense and play music like
bjork, tori amos, cranes, sade, asobi seksu, the sundays, cocteau twins, levy, david lynch, matmos, joanna newsom, joy division, pj harvey, rob zombie, tricky, crisis

Q What time of day do you work?

A i'm a morning person !
but sometimes making just happens when it wants to so i go along for the ride

Q Is your space close to home, in your home, or far from it?

A i'm 2 blocks from my studio so it's an extension of my home
the street here on damen in chicago is my strip, i'm up and down it all day

Q Do you work on one series at a time? or do you roam?

A i hate the term series, hehe
i just work and make what i'm inspired to make at that time
i think of it all the same
life and how i deal with it is my inspiration, art making is how i'm able to stay in this world for sure
with out it i would be nothing
my identity is linked to my work
at times i make things you can wear
and at times not

Q What are your dogs names? do they hang with you while you work?

A Ianto and manu
i share them with my ex partner so i bring them to the studio to hang out with and walk
they bring me much joy, they are my sunshines

Q How do you find a balance between the different forms your work takes? :)

A i don't it just happens and it's all ok

Thank you Danny!