Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Amy Neiwirth, Columbus

Photo: Melissa Vogley Woods

Q. I love how in your paintings you break down an image into a grid, as well as some works that seemed map like, what do you see your direction with this work?

A. Lately, my paintings have been in “pause” mode so that I can concentrate on my small sculptures and jewelry. The map and grid paintings are part of a body of work I created for my MA thesis project last summer and fall.
I would like to continue creating these types of paintings and connect them to the confectionary themes in my jewelry and sculptures; perhaps I will move in the direction of creating gridded images of sweets and cakes.

Q. You have an interesting color palette, in your paintings and your jewelry design, do you have color influences?

A. I love color in general! Of course, I am influenced by sweets and confection, but I also find color inspiration from daily life. I'm always looking for interesting and eye-catching color combinations.

Q. You are a teacher by day, does that mean you work on your artwork by night? Or on weekends?

A. Nights and weekends, for sure. Although I have been known to sit at my desk at school during lunch and work on crafty projects.

Q. How do you negotiate work/studio/life time? Do you have a schedule, or just wing it?

A. I have a confession: I have terrible time management skills! For some reason, I have trouble sticking to schedules that I make for myself (unless I know that someone else is relying on me to get something done). Most of the time, I do just “wing it."
Lately, I've been avoiding the studio because it's such a disaster and I don't want to think about cleaning it!

Q. What sort of music do you listen to in your studio?

A. Sometimes I like to listen to relaxing music like Beirut, Explosions in the Sky, Doves, Broadcast.
If I need to get lots of work done, I’ll usually make a more up-tempo playlist for my iPod.

Q. You just had a show at Haiku, what is next for you?

A. At Junctionview Studios, we’re all getting ready for Agora 6 on May 15/16. I won't be fully participating (because I don't roll on Shabbos), but I will be having an open studio for part of the preview night on May 15 and post-9 pm on May 16th. I will also be creating the special awards given out at Agora.
I'm also gearing up for craft show season! I'll be at the North Market Artisan Sundays event on the first Sunday of the month (May-October). In addition, I'm working on a Tiny Treats collaboration with Pattycake Bakery, which should be available in early June. And I plan on submitting work for some upcoming group shows around town.

Thanks Amy!