Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beerhorst Family, Grand Rapids

Here are some images from the Beerhorst family home and studio. The Beerhorst's live and work together, they also exhibit together, caravan style and are currently heading to Manhattan. In the photos and text of their blog, you discover, how a family of 8 can live and work together!

A quote from the blog, "I have really enjoyed having our children interwoven into our life together which includes our family business of art making. It is a constant challenge to keep the train on the rails but it is a worthy challenge because there seem to be few examples today of what a family really knit tightly together looks like. So we continue to struggle to find a way that works. What works one year may not work the next so it is necessary to continually reevaluate our methods".

I see in this family a hope in community and family resourcefulness that is inspiring. It is possible to have a family and be a working artist!

I am so glad to make their acquaintance!