Monday, July 13, 2009

Chaz O'Neil, Westerville

I have been hassling Chaz for info and photos of his studio and they arrrived last week! Here is some text he sent along with the images. Enjoy.
Chaz on his work: I primarily work with oil paint on any surface I can get my hands on. I often incorporate craft papers and other media so a lot of my work is mostly 'mixed media'. My subject matter I often describe as dream-like landscapes, bizarre figures, or representations of microscopic tissue/lifeforms. I sometimes like to include text in my work as well.

On his Studio: I have my own studio in the basement of my house which I love to have so close to home lol. I hope to be attending grad school in the fall of 2010

On what's new: My next project will be a series of my microscopic tissue/lifeforms using oil paints on plexi glass. I feel this will truly resemble a medical sample on a microscope slide. And I may have to include something with own unique weird corkneyness along the way.
Thanks Chaz!