Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Northern Texas Artists

I just got back from email land, with this great link sent to me straight from Texas.
Sarah Jane Semarad, Co-Founder and Executive Director of an amazing organization
called La Reunion, sent this link.
This image is from a large collection of all types of artists studios, with interviews asking the same four questions of each artist. This is such a great site! Have a look.
shown here: Sherry Owens

Media: crepe myrtle (mostly), bronze, steel, mixed media
Number of years in this space: 5 1/2
What do you enjoy most about working here? Walking into a nest that I've built. I have greater focus in my own space. Because it is private, I don't have to keep a path clear and I can sing and dance to any kind of music with the volume up. I love the height of the ceiling, the skylights in the day and the second floor viewing area. Plus I have a “drawing room” or clean space.
What would you improve if you could? More space for more trees and storage for finished work.

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Thanks Sarah!
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