Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Outside the studio

Studio 6, originally uploaded by Center for Creative Connections.

"The inspiration for my design is the famous artist Piet Mondrian. His artwork consists of many vertical, horizontal lines and squares. He only used the primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. The studio, on the outside, will resemble pieces of Mondrian's work. The interior will include more than the usual four walls. There will be more space for better circulation. The rails on the balcony will be black metal. The windows are made of colored glass." This it the accompanying text.

This and the post above are from the Center for Creative Connections, Dallas Texas "The Center for Creative Connections includes something for visitors of all ages and is open the same hours as the Museum.

The Center for Creative Connections is an experimental learning environment that provides interactive encounters with works of art and artists. It is designed to stimulate curiosity, inquiry, and reflection in visitors of all ages. The Center will serve as a bridge between our everyday experiences of looking and the transformational experiences of seeing, creating, and connecting deeply with works of art."

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