Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Undine Brod!!

Here are some images of Undine Brod, soon I will have a studio visit with her so check back for that!
In her artist statement Undine says of her practice, "I am intrigued with the imposition of rules and breaking those rules and/or boundaries. I attempt to raise questions about and create conflicts in the regular order of life and the rational mind. My overall motivation for working comes from my desire to explore, experiment with, and study these themes."
Working in both 2/3 D Undine's work spans installation, drawing, photography, taxidermy and ready-made utilizing unconventional yet everyday object and materials such as fingernail polish, fur, tape, lamps to name a few. Brod executes her work in a manner akin to a a private eye searching and revealing it's anonymous perhaps a little bizarre fictive history.