Monday, March 30, 2009

Adam Brouillette

Adam working in his studio, located at Junctionview Studios, in the neighborhood of Grandview. yes, he is cutting out eyes, "An unlikly task" as Adam stated on my visit to his spacious studio. Adam is also a member of Couchfire Collective, an artists co-operative. Among many,many other things!
This is from his website:
My favorite foods are berries
My favorite drink is a smoothie
My favorite color is hansa yellow deep
My favorite TV show is The Price Is Right
My favorite artist is Yoshitomo Nara
My favorite animal is the raccoon
My favorite movie is Star Wars: A New Hope
My favorite cartoon is Dexter's Laboratory
My favorite book is Le Petit Prince
My favorite season is spring
My favorite thing to do is build stuff
Photo: Melissa Vogley Woods