Tuesday, March 31, 2009

interview with Adam Brouillette

Q. How do you balance all the many many things you work on, I mean, The work you do at the Ohio Art league, your design company, your artwork, and your music... Does it just all fall into place or do you find yourself designating and allotting?

A. Lets just say that my iCal is due a hefty bonus sometime soon. It isn't easy. I'm often overwhelmed. But I keep in mind that what I am doing is so much more rewarding than watching TV or going to the bar and I hate being bored.

Q. I know that you and work with interns at your design company could you tell us a little about the mutual benefit of a program such as this?

A. I work with interns through the design company, with my artwork, and in the Couchfire Collective. I keep them busy. Sometimes I wonder what they are benefitting from watching me work and cleaning my messes.. but then I see what they can do when they leave. The amount of information that is menial to me is important and necessary for them. The amount of productivity from me increases. Plus it gives me a friend to sit and talk with, which is always a good thing.

Q. On your website I was excited to see you are now making t-shirts with your designs on them! Is this a new aspect of your work? Will there be more of this in the future?

A. It has been an on and off thing for me for a long time. I was/am a printmaker... and have been for a while. Shirts seem like natural expansions from that process. My work being commercially friendly helps too. I imagine there will be more designs soon. They come and go. The biggest problem is having the time to make them.

Q. I have been curious about the the name little red men, could you talk a little bit about this, when did you start with this character?

A. I started making the characters in 2000, as a sophomore at CCAD. Initially, they were all red... and small. When I went to the bank to open a business checking... to keep things separated... they asked me for the business name..... so there is it was. A web URL was available, and now it is the name. I sticks. The characters have developed alot since that time. But the name sticks. So why mess with something people remember?

Q. Do you listen to music when you work? if so got some favorites?

A. Most definitely. The Books are constantly playing. Prefuse 73. Girltalk. Boris. Various fast hardcore bands. Of Montreal. This list could go on forever. There is always something playing. And if it isn't music... I'm watching Star Wars or Napoleon Dynamite.

Thanks Adam!